What to Know as a Tenant?

One of the common legal issues that most people face is the dispute between tenants and landlords. People believe that this problem is unimportant and can be solved between two parties by talking. But sometimes, the situation gets more complicated, and it is needed to go to the small claim court. Small claim courts address some legal and civil cases, and the dispute between tenants and landlords is one of them. If you are a tenant or landlord and want to know more about your rights, continue reading this article. Today, we ask a top paralegal in Toronto to explain more about legal issues between these two parties.

The Common Problems 

The common problems that can happen between a landlord and tenant include landlord rights, tenant rights, rental and payment problems, and the responsibility of repairs, to name a few.

If problems happen between you and your landlord, you can explain what you want. Explain if you want a repair, a refund, or something else. Do not ask the third parties to solve the problem between you. If the case is so complicated and creates severe problems between you, ask a paralegal to help.

When to Ask a Legal Professional to Help?

As mentioned above, sometimes, a conversation can solve a problem between two parties. There are some forms signed between them, and if any one of them acts against the rules in the forms, the other one can complain. But when the dispute is more complicated and no one accepts the other’s right, a paralegal is the one who can help you. An experienced paralegal in Toronto knows enough about all the rights and responsibilities between tenants and landlords. As a result, he knows how to solve the problem. If you are worried about the cost that you must pay to a paralegal, it is worth stating that paying a paralegal is not as expensive as a lawyer.

The Tenant Rights

There are some situations in which the landlord is not allowed to bother the tenant. For example, every building or apartment should have basic facilities such as heat or electricity. Besides, the landlord should do all the repairs that existed in the house before renting the house. In other words, maintaining and repairing the rented house and anything accompanied, such as the elevator, parking lot, or hallways, should be done by the landlord. Generally, the place that the landlord wants to rent should be in good living condition. Of course, it should be noted that if any problem happens to the home after you have rented there, the landlord will not solve it. So, if there is any problem with the building, you should talk with the landlord first.

When there are problems in the building, but the landlord does not accept to do his responsibilities, you can ask a paralegal to help you in this regard.

The landlord should state the amount of rent at first, and he is not allowed to increase the amount of the rent before the contract between the two parties finishes. Raising the rent should be based on the region’s law, not more than that. The landlord is not allowed to evict you.