What Should We Look for When Buying a Wig?

Buying a wig can be incredibly daunting. Learning the wig terminology and knowing what things to look for will be a lot to take when choosing a wig for the first time, which is why we’ve put together a set of what to remember when selecting a Perücken:

1. Style

Have a good idea of what styles you like before you go shopping.

2. Wig Cap Construction

Think of how you want the hair of the wig to fall to help determine which wig cap construction going for.

3. Complete Hair Loss

If you have complete hair thinning, you may prefer a lace front wig to ensure your wig stays set up.

4. Hand Tied Wigs

They are great if you want changing hairstyles regularly.

5. Human Hair or Synthetic Wigs?

It’s a hardcore decision, but each has its benefits depending on your preferences.

6. Cap Sizes

Choosing the right cap size will ensure your wig fits properly and comfortably.

7. Wig Cap vs No Wig Cap

Is your scalp sensitive and for that reason could reap the benefits of a wig cap?

Tips for What to Search for When Investing in a Wig:
1. To begin with, let’s talk style. When selecting a wig, you need to select the appearance you ‘re going for. You may opt to choose a wig style that looks like the style of your own hair, or you might be feeling a little adventurous and seeking a fresh look. In any event, deciding on the color and cut can help to get started on you off on your buying journey!

2. When you’ve decided on a method, this will help you decipher which cap construction is most beneficial for you. If you like to wear flowing hair away from your face, a lace front wig gives you to part the hair on the wig wherever you prefer. This enables you to create the wig in a manner that fits you best, assisting you to feel convenient and confident in your wonderful new wig.

3. If you’re experiencing complete hair thinning, it’s important to choose a wig that is going to look great and stay static in place all day long, while also remaining perfectly comfortable in the process. Again, lace front wigs are excellent for this. The majority of our lace front wigs have a non-slip poly strip that is undetectably positioned at the front end of every cap. This ensures that your new locks will stay static in place all day long!

4. If you’ve always enjoyed tinkering with different hairstyles, hand tied wigs are excellent for allowing you to do that while remaining comfortable and looking effortlessly naturally. Hand tied wigs add a soft mesh cap with every individual hair being hand tied about it. The lack of wefts or mechanical stitching makes these wigs look wonderfully natural, meaning that you can style the wig at all you like without compromising on its natural look!

5. One of the primary decisions you will need to make is whether to purchase a human hair wig or a synthetic wig. Human hair wigs tend to be viewed as superior as they obviously look and feel like real hair, which frequently comes at a larger price. However, it’s important to keep in mind that now you can get synthetic wigs that look wonderfully natural. Understanding the professionals and cons of both types of wigs will help you determine which is right for you!

6. Cap sizes can be considered a little confusing if you haven’t experienced wigs before. But don’t worry, it’s actually fairly simple. Cap sizes come in Child/Petite Petite, Petite, Petite/Average, Average, and Large. Our wig size guide switches into more detail about the measurements of these, but the vast majority in our customers are an average cap size. Deciding on the best cap size will ensure the best fit of your wig, for maximum comfort and a natural look.

7. Another decision you need to make before purchasing your wig is whether or not you desire a wig cap. That is largely personal preference, but a wig cap is specially great for those with a sensitive scalp as it acts as a protective barrier, helping to keep wig secure and comfortable throughout wear. As wig caps aren’t costly, we recommend investing in a pack and trying them out for yourself. Remember, the most crucial thing when purchasing your wig is making sure that it will be comfortable!