Various Emergency Dental Services

However, most dental conditions cause severe pain; some do not. When facing dental issues, we may ask if it is an emergency case or not. Obviously, when there is a painful toothache, we seek urgent help to get rid of the pain. Interestingly, according to an emergency dentist in New Westminster, about 20% of emergency dental visits are not real emergency cases. It means they can be addressed in a regular dental appointment. To better understand, only cases that lead to severe life-threatening problems are considered emergency ones. Let’s take a look at emergency dental cases.

Unbearable Pain

Toothache can sometimes be very unbearable. Usually, toothache accounts for 1.5% of emergency dental visits. However, some people just take painkillers and ignore the problem. As an emergency dentist in downtown Toronto suggests, the best step to take is consulting the dentist apace when you feel a toothache, whether a severe or a minor one. This dental visit is not only for relieving the pain but also to diagnose the exact problem. The proper diagnose, and treatment is so significant.


This dental issue can be caused by a blow to the mouth and related organs such as teeth, lips, gums, tongue, and cheek. An emergency dentist in Scarborough stated that there are some ways to stop bleeding, such as applying a cold compress or a gauze. But, if it does not work, there is no doubt that the emergency dentist is the person who can help you. It is important to repeat that do not wait too long for your bleeding to stop. If the injury is too severe, suturing may be needed. The dentist may even need to burn the tissue to stop the bleeding eventually.


Infections are among the problems that should not be ignored at all. Nowadays, most people ignore infections until they progress to a complicated situation. People believe some home remedies can remove the infection. But it is not true. Anytime you notice any infection in your mouth, make an appointment with your dentist. Keep in mind that there may be an important gum disease with no sign except infection. The infection can penetrate the structure of your teeth and even lead to losing your teeth. So, the best action is to stop it at the early stages.


If you observe any spots in your teeth, white or dark, you should run to the dental clinic. This case may not be considered an emergency since it is not usually accompanied by sudden, awful pain. But going for the treatment on time is of the essence. For better understanding, when there is a spot on your teeth, you should know that the infection (explained above) progressed to your teeth’ enamel and structure. If you do not like to replace your natural teeth with dentures or dental implants near future, go to visit a professional dental expert to save your teeth on time.

Tooth Fracture

Have you ever faced a broken tooth in an accident, sports injuries, or falling suddenly? This is a common emergency dental issue worldwide. The good news is that even a broken tooth can be saved if referred to an emergency dental clinic on time.

A Knocked-Out Tooth

When your tooth is knocked out, first try to relax. If it is bleeding, do caring tips to stop this. Then find your tooth. Keep in mind not to touch your root. Wash your tooth just with water. Do not use any soap or other detergent. You can use a piece of gauze, or if it is not available, a piece of clean cloth, and then put your mouth with it on the place. If you cannot do it due to any reason, put the tooth in a water or milk container, and then get it to the dentist’s office. Do not touch the tissues at all.

The Final Say                                                                                      

All of the explained dental issues can be treated if they get on-time treatment. So, if you care about your teeth and smile, just move to the dental clinic in these mentioned cases.