Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle for Stay-at-Home Students

Homeschooling and online classes are the new normal. From school, work to online courses all means major screen-time and less physical activity. This can take a toll on a student’s physical and mental health. We are aware of how prolonged harmful screen radiations can take a toll on one’s sleep, appetite, memory, and more. Online education isn’t necessarily evil and has its many benefits. Moreover, international schools have effectively taken the best holistic approach to provide the best education, even online. However, one must take a few necessary steps and precautions to keep happy and healthy throughout! 

Invest in Blue Light Blocking Lenses or Filter

With online education, screen time is indeed unavoidable but you can always take care of your eyes with a blue light filter or glasses. These are a good investment as they not only protect your eyes from the harmful radiations on screen, they also usually protect you from UV rays and any other harmful radiations for that matter. 

The 20 Second Rule for Healthy Screen Time

Optometrists and Ophthalmologists tend to advise against prolonged screen time, as they can cause migraines, eye strain, and raise other concerns. To maintain a healthy balance, they usually advise to look away from the screen every 20 minutes and stare into the distance for a minimum of 20 seconds and then to get back working. With this, the pressure on your eyes reduces, as well as gives relief from regular headaches. 

Don’t Limit Socializing

To limit screen time, parents tend to compromise the student’s socializing or entertainment time, as schooling cannot be cut down. This is no healthy way to approach this. Rather one should encourage students to take a break from their studies and participate in online movie parties, games, and activities and maintain a healthy social circle online. For instance, some of the best international schools in Pune have developed independent platforms to encourage children to connect with other students, interact with teachers, and transfer information. 

Taking Note of Posture

The common concern for anyone with a desk job, or having to spend hours on the computer is poor posture. This can cause backaches, spine problems, and even spondylitis in the future. One must keep in check their posture at all times. Avoid sitting on the chair for long times. Every half or one hour, get up, walk around the room, and get some stretching done or small workouts in between. 

Environment Matters!

Keep the study space clean, organized, and well ventilated, away from the noise and with proper lighting. And make sure to have a dedicated study space and maybe make some alterations once in a while. Moreover, maintain a healthy sleeping environment and schedule as it is extremely necessary to keep yourself focused and well, for study and screen time every day.

Follow these tips and remember to get some physical activity during the day. Even 15 minutes of working out a day can have great benefits. The best International schools in Pune plan their student’s online activities and classes in the healthiest manner possible and you too can do your part at maintaining it.