Learn About Story boarding From Joe Cianciotto

A storyboard could be said to be the roadmap to the making of any video or movie. It is a clear and precise idea of how the people involved in the video will navigate through the process to get the desired outcome. Joe Cianciotto, an architect in the Bay area by profession, is also interested in the different aspects of movie making and thinks storyboarding is a great way to reach the desired goal, despite the presence of verbal communication alternatives.

In his blog on storyboarding, he has clearly stated that getting everyone working on a film on one page is most simply done with the help of a storyboard. He has very rightly pointed out that since humans have the best understanding of things through visual aids, storyboarding is the easiest way to communicate even to a large crew of what is intended to achieve.

A storyboard is a pictorial representation of a script. It gives you a one-shot understanding of the sequence of activities in making a video or a film. It is a very convenient way of getting feedback on specific actions and making amendments beforehand. This saves a lot of time and keeps significant errors at bay. Storyboarding is an efficient means of reducing confusion and losses at the time of making the film.

Joe Cianciotto reinstates this fact in his blog, where he mentions that the efficiency of filmmaking remarkably increases because of storyboarding. He believes that it is a very good tool to convey the concepts and details to the entire team. He explains very well how reshoots are a hindrance to the process of film production. It is a known fact that reshoots are only done when a scene has not been done correctly. The use of a storyboard allows every involved person to understand a particular scene well ahead of time. This gives them the time to rehearse for the scene and prepare themselves after grasping what the scene demands, thereby cutting down on errors that are likely to happen while shooting if no prior information is given.

Making a storyboard is no rocket science; it is as simple as making a sketch. The graphical representations in it can use stick figures like those in a comic book or even professional computerized drawings. The creation of a storyboard begins with tiny images of the different scenes enacted by the actors. Below each of these images is the lines that would be the part of the script that will be said in the scene. The scene is added with the information of how it will look visually and if any special effects ought to be used. 

The advantages that storyboarding adds to filmmaking are undeniably profitable and convenient for all filmmakers, agrees Joe Cianciotto. He adds that it is an effective and efficient means to streamline a film or video production. It is certainly a smart way to make a movie while eliminating any major errors or even incorporating any missing links to get the desired outcome.