Ideas for a Kids Room

Kids wall stickers give your child the ability and freedom to decorate their own room in their own ways. Vinyl wall decals are available in a huge assortment of styles and sizes.  Choose from categories like Sports, Disney, Animals, Super Heroes, Star Wars and many more.  You can also design your own custom wall decal from any photo or image.  Wall decals are available in sizes up to four feet by six feet.  You can also order custom wall decals for kids. 

Simply choose a photo or image from your collection, specify the size and you will soon have your own custom image.  Imagine taking a great picture in a little league or dance recitation and surprise your little one with your own picture, a special memento of a big game or a precious moment.

Every child is unique, and so their rooms should be unique too.  Blue and pink are somewhat predictable and boring.  Kids will go beyond such colours and even want to follow their own colours.  Also, in the modern sense it can be considered as somewhat ‘mainstream’ so it is better to paint your child’s room in a colour that complements and matches his/her personality.  You could even look at childrens options and choose life choices instead of defining and categorizing them based on gender.

Today people deliberately omit blue and pink.  Instead, they look for beautiful and colourful ideas to fulfil colourful dreams in their kids room.  If you are planning to renovate your children’s room or are a new parent, you should find some inspiration before making the final decision.

The Joy of Parenthood: 

It’s a great feeling to be a parent.  You can express your happiness by displaying it in your child’s room.  White should be light and elegant.  It will add even more bright touch while every other colour including white background will pop up best.  This will help if you are thinking of choosing white as the main colour.  With white paint, you can canvas the walls and paint the walls to your child’s liking.

The Shine of Yellow: 

Yellow is famously known as a happy colour.  It can surely fill the room with sunshine like brightness.  You can combine yellow with white or soft pastel to adjust the brightness.  This should add a great vibe to the growing kid’s room.  You can even try the combination of grey and yellow, a compliment in the form of brightness by the original colour of grey and yellow.

The Colour of the Sea: 

No gender or age limits the allure of purple.  It’s an interesting color of a painting and can be made even better if you complement it with all sea shades or woith abstract hand painted paintings. An enchanting visual effect can be created by painting it on the wall.  Kids will also want to host their friends in such a beautiful surrounding.