How to improve the ROI with Ads?

It is a known fact that Paid ads are an investment, but what is the one main goal of every investment?  It is to target the highest possible returns. This also leads us to our topic for today- ‘How can you improve the ROI with ads?’

Return on Investment is a popular topic of debate for marketers. But first, let us clear the formula for ROI in our heads for our better understanding.

ROI= Profit   ✖  100


Calculating ROI is essential to understand which campaigns are working and which ones are not working. To be precise, ROI is a valuable KPI to plan your advertising strategy and calculate its worth.

There are several digital strategies that you can adopt to increase your returns on paid marketing. Today, we will be discussing a few of these strategies that you can implement in your ad planning.

1.    Utilize negative keywords

Before you invest in an ad, it is very important to understand who are you targeting with this ad. What we are trying to say by this is to first identify your potential customers along with their wants and interests.

We can understand this better with the help of an example. Suppose, If you are running a dairy shop, there is clearly no point in targeting people who might search for terms like ‘vegan milk’ or ‘plant-based cheese’. In fact, the keywords ‘vegan milk’ and ‘plant-based cheese’ can be your campaign’s negative keyword. A negative keyword is a phrase or term that your ad specifically avoids.

This will ensure that irrelevant queries are not targeted to your ad, which in turn would improve your ROI. The reason for this is because you are only targeting the people who care about your ad and weeding out the unnecessary traffic. Likewise, you can also avoid keywords that show low levels of CTR.

2.    Work on the quality score

The quality score is a way for search engines to understand the relevance level of your ad and understand its worth. It is important because it can influence the placement of your ad as well as decide the ad rank. A quality score is specifically based on the relevance of the ad, the landing page as well as the landing page’s experience for the users.

To improve on your ROI, it is a good idea to improve the quality scores of every ad that you plan. You can work on your quality score by improving your keyword selection along with enhancing the user experience on your landing pages.

3.    Develop a remarketing strategy

Remarketing is showing your ads to the person who has already interacted with your website or ad. This method is used to target the people who you have failed to convert or attract with your advertisement.

The remarketing lists in Google ads are normally utilized to retarget people and improve the conversion rate of your ad. Developing a well-structured remarketing strategy will improve the returns of your paid ads.

4.    Use Dynamic Keyword Insertion

DKI or Dynamic Keyword Insertion feature lets you redesign the ad copy according to what the searcher searches for. Under DKI, Google will highlight the searched term in your copy in bold format. In this way, a user’s eyes will automatically go to the highlighted term that he searched for and he would be more likely to click on it.

The inclusion of DKIs in your ads is an excellent way to increase the CTR of your ad and increase the relevant traffic. At the same time, personalizing the ad for your user is also useful to enhance the relevancy and ultimately the quality score of your ad.

5.    Use Google Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are a way to insert additional information inside your ad copies. Some of these extensions are Promotion, Callout, Call, Location, Site link, and Structured snippets.

These extensions help you convince your customers by including extra information in your ad. For example, including the location of your business as well as the phone number will make it more likely for the customers to click on the ad and interact with it.

You can even include extensions like site links, which are adding additional page links to your website in the ad. Similarly, the Callout extension is nothing but including additional features of your business like delivery hours and timings.

6.    Work on your timing

Even an awesome ad copy becomes irrelevant if the timing is incorrect. A good ad plan includes understanding the importance of time and targeting the ad at the most appropriate time. For instance, sports t-shirts with specific team names might sell better during a game season. This means that it would be better to target ads for these t-shirts during the game season.