Heat-Not-Burn Tobacco Products

This device heats tobacco but does not burn it, claims to be safer than cigarettes. You shouldn’t be deceived into believing it is harmless. There is no safe way to smoke tobacco.

What is IQOS exactly?

IQOS is a brand name of heated tobacco products. It is being marketed as a “better alternative to smoking.” The company claims that the heat makes the tobacco less toxic than traditional tobacco. These claims are solely based on research by the tobacco sector. Independent research is needed to understand the health consequences of heat-not-burn devices.

The IQOS heat-not-burn device uses a disposable tobacco unit called a “HEET”, or “Heat Stick”, which is filled with compressed ground tobacco. This is then inserted into an electric holder. Each Heat Stick has approximately the same nicotine content as a single cigarette. An electronic heat element heats the stick and releases an aerosol.

The IQOS device is made by Philip Morris International. It works by heating tobacco-filled sticks (called Heat sticks) to make a nicotine-rich spray. The FDA’s decision allows the device to be marketed in the U.S. However, IQOS is not yet FDA-approved for a separate application to make IQOS a less-risky alternative to cigarettes. It’s not yet clear if IQOS can help smokers quit.

Information about heat-not burning tobacco devices

  • They heat tobacco to make an aerosol containing nicotine, chemicals, and additives.
  • They contain the same amount as traditional cigarettes in nicotine levels.
  • They can be found in specialty shops as well as convenience stores.
  • They are NOT the same as e-cigarettes. These products use tobacco to deliver nicotine, while e-cigarettes use liquid nicotine to do so.
  • They release secondhand ozone that is dangerous to your health (like a smokeless cigarette).

Heated Tobacco Products Are Not Safe!

Heated tobacco products contain tobacco. There are no safe levels or types of tobacco use. There is also no evidence that heated tobacco products can be safer than traditional cigarettes.

They also include many chemicals and parts that have been identified as potentially harmful by the FDA.

  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Nicotine
  • Heavy metals, such as mercury, lead, and arsenic
  • Acetone is a nail polish remover.
  • Ammonia, which is found in household cleaners and fertilizers, can be found in fertilizers.
  • Benzene (found in gasoline)

This device could help teens become long-term smokers.

Products such as vape pens or e-cigarettes claim that they can help smokers quit. However, evidence shows that they can lead to traditional smoking and provide a way for tobacco companies to gain new customers.

Avoid selling them to children. Heated tobacco products are stylish, high-tech products that are designed to be attractive to young people. Although 21 years old is the legal age to purchase tobacco products (including IQOS), online shops don’t often ask for proof.

Heated tobacco products are addictive. IVOS and other heated tobacco products contain nicotine. Teenagers and young adults are easy to become addicted. The US Surgeon general declared that any form of nicotine is not safe for youth.

Menthol flavors have been used to lure teenagers: The tobacco industry has used flavorings such as menthol for decades to attract young smokers. Menthol hides the harshness and makes it easy to quit smoking cigarettes. Menthol cigarettes are more popular among young smokers than in other age groups.

What does IQOS do?

When tobacco is burned at high temperatures, traditional combustible cigarettes create smoke. FDA states that the pen-like IQOS device heats and does not burn “tobacco-filled sticks” wrapped in paper. The result is an aerosol containing nicotine. Marlboro, a Marlboro brand, will produce tobacco sticks inside the cartridge. These will be available in menthol or unflavored versions.

Is IQOS better than cigarettes?

This question has not been addressed by the FDA yet, so it is too early to know. Although the FDA states that IQOS’ aerosol has lower levels of cancer-causing chemicals than cigarette smoking, such as formaldehyde or acrolein (both found in cigarette fumes), it doesn’t mean these products have been declared safe. In a press release, the FDA stated that all tobacco products are dangerous and addictive. It is recommended that people who have not used tobacco products discontinue using them.

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